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I placed an order for 4 black bags and 3 boxes of salted caramel bars on March 23rd. after waiting until today to even inquire about my order because I know they are busy. I found out they don’t even have the stock yet to fill my complete order. This is 11 days after I placed my order. Why didn’t I get an email telling me this? I would have Placed an additional order for something you do have in stock to hold me over. And also if you can’t fill the whole order why not ship a partial order to customers so they can at least get part of there order? This is unacceptable customer communication


Hey @Aj_Lombardi. I was just writing you back via email - I appreciate you touching base again!

I truly apologize again for the delay in shipment with your order. We do have the stock to cover orders we’re just in the process of ensuring the allocation of our stock across all of our distribution centers so we can process orders in full. We have also experienced unforeseen delays not only with customer shipping times but also global product shipment due to COVID-19. We’re doing everything possible to overcome these hurdles and provide our Hueligans with their nutrition.

I will drive the communication internally as to if splitting these orders in the short-terms is a potential option. Unfortunately this option will create a large amount of extra orders which is a less sustainable approach to resolving the issue, but if it’s right we’ll make that call.

I’ll have an email response sent your way recapping here, and after chatting with my fulfillment center I do believe your shipment will be sent your way tomorrow!

I truly apologize again, and hope you are staying safe during this testing times :raised_hands:

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I had a bit of the same issue but with the craziness going on in the world they were probably super busy…I reached out by email and from there they kept in touch!!! With the demand for huel right now, I was just happy they had some product to sell lol

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Thank you and I do understand you guys are under a lot of pressure right now. Thanks for getting back to me


Funnbunz I totally agree, what got me was someone ordering 5 days after me having there order already ship when mine still hasn’t. I was expecting it to come in end of this week which woulda been the 10 business days and was fine with that.


Thanks so much for your patience and understanding here guys! It’s genuinely appreciated.

p.s @Funnbunz - super cute dog in your photo :dog:

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