First experience highs, lows, and a question

Hey all. I got my first shipment this week and I am genuinely impressed by how much I love the shakes. I got vanilla and coffee and caramel Huel black and am really looking forward to snarfing them to help manage my calorie intake and balance out my diet for breakfast and lunch a bit… That being said, I also got some hot and savory selections and… they are really not doing it for me. I want to like them but I don’t think any amount of experimenting is gonna get me over some of the flavor notes in my choices (mac and cheese and Mexican chili). Hopefully I can find someone on Craigslist locally who is willing to grab them and defray a bit of my loss.

That being said, I’m hoping to stay on track this month and I wondered if there were any hacks to place an a la carte order of a single bag… Or am I stuck having to shift my subscription to every two weeks for a cycle to get myself on track? Not the end of the world if that’s the only path forward, but I’d appreciate any input from the Huel veterans out there.

The M&C was my least-liked meal and I thought I was going to have to get rid of it, but I tried adding some of my favorite hot sauce to it during the mixing phase. It made a world of difference, especially as I prefer hot sauces that are loaded with flavor and mild to medium-ish heat levels. I add corn to the Cajun Pasta, sometimes rice and/or cilantro to the Mexican Chili.

Sour cream, greek yogurt, hot sauce, or a really good herb with a taste that is potent, flavorful and appeals to the person seem to be the most popular/successful things to add in that I’ve seem suggested or tried myself.

As for ordering, you could just do a one-time purchase of the minimum 3 bags (in whatever assortment will get you back on track) as it doesn’t have to be 3 of the same flavor/meal.