Could different bags be different

I was wondering if different bags can be different to a certain extent because with my last bag of vanilla, I was really having trouble getting the bitter taste to go away, but with this bag, I can’t taste it as prominently, and when I just add yogurt, it basically is gone. I am still getting through the old vanilla that I have. So is the flavor distribution even throughout the bag, or are you supposed to mix it up when you get it, or could some bags be different? I did not mix mine because I thought it was already mixed together. However, I can also really taste the vanilla a lot more with this bag, so is the flavor supposed to be mixed in already, or do you have to mix it yourself, and it could it have been possible that the bag before this one somehow got unmixed? Also, I saw somewhere else that someone was saying that their last few scoops did not taste like berry.

Hey Sabra. Our new vanilla 1.1 has a different flavor than 1.0 so that’s probably what you’re experiencing. The flavor distribution is even throughout the bag–you don’t have to mix or shake the powder once you receive it. Let us know what you discover as you get through it–these are new products so all feedback helps.

I don’t think I have the new vanilla yet. I was trying to get through my bags of old vanilla before I got the new one.

Sabra Ewing