Where to start with consumption

My name is Tom and I am a 32 year old male from the U.S, just starting on Huel today. My goal is to replace two meals a day with Huel. Part of the reason i choose this product was to drop my body fat percentage, i think i am somewhere around 21-23% - i would like to get down to 15% this year. My current weight in ( Pounds LB) is around 225 and my height is 6’1 FT.

I exercise moderately throughout the week, like to get to the gym at least 4 times per week, 1 hour exercise including weights and 20 mins of cardio.

Based on the above recommendation - is one scoop of Huel enough for each meal? I see there are people who are adding 2 + scoops and having Huel multiple times per day.

Just trying to keep it basic now, not a body builder, just want to decrease my body fat percentage and look better overall.

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Each meal should be 3 or 4 scoops, not just one.

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Once you are familiar with how your body tricks your brain into giving it more calories than it really needs, you’ll be better able to know how much nutrition you actually should have.

Huel has a consistent amount of calories for the nutrition it provides - this makes it much easier to track than when you eat a wide variety of foods with various caloric densities.

If you are sticking with two meals like breakfast and lunch, then you will probably need more than one scoop - weigh it and calculate the calories it gives. If you are instead eating those two meals over 4-6 half-shakes, you might be ok with fewer calories each.

Good luck, do keep posting as you progress :slight_smile:

Hi, Tom.

Your situation is a lot like mine. I started Huel in Early November. I work out daily with weights and cardio. I’ve pretty much been exclusively on Huel for bfast and lunch, with a healthy dinner of normal food. I define normal food as low carb and high fiber and protein (think grilled chicken and veggies). I went from 20% body fat to 15% and I feel great. When I drink Huel, it gives me the energy I need and none of the bloating. I’m also saving $ and time on meal prep. My approach is simple: bfast and lunch are each a 127g dose of Huel Vanilla blended or shaken with 500ml of water and ice. Sometimes I throw in a banana. I like the flavor, so I have to keep myself from chugging it. I also drink 500ml of cold water with the Huel (usually before). Gas has subsided, but comes back when I don’t drink water or if I chug the Huel. Also, a 100g Huel meal is very satisfying if you’re needing a boost. Blender is great (Ninja). Good luck and feel free to reach out w any questions about my experience.