Clump Comparison v3.0 vs v1.1

In case anyone was curious what all the conversations about v3.0 clumpiness are about, here are side-by-side shots of v3.0 and v1.1. The left is my morning cold brew coffee + v3.0 Vanilla/UU, and the right is v1.1 Berry. Same amount of liquid, same time spent shaking. After allowing the liquid to drain completely, the weight of the clumps on the left was just over 7x the amount of the right – 43g of clumps for the v3.0 and 6g of clumps for the v1.1.

(That’s not 43g of Huel wasted, in case you were wondering. There was water weight in there.)

I can do another with 100% water instead of the 12oz coffee + water if someone is questioning the rigor, but in my experience, they have been the same.


I take my Huel 3.0 to Home Depot in the morning and have their paint department mix it up for me. Smooth as silk.

Just kidding, I don’t do that. I do find that it’s easier to mix with more water, but the obvious side effect is that it’s thinner than I used to drink 1.1.


Ooh I do not look forward to this with my next order. :sleepy:

Yeah, the taste of the new formula is pretty terrible also.

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So, tell us, how do you feel about Huel 3.0?

I deeply apologize that expressing my opinion on a forum expressly designed for that purpose has offended your sensibilities. Perhaps you should read some of the shill posts to help your recovery from this serious injury. I understand that your opinion is infinitely more important than mine. I will make my best effort going forward to yield to your superior posts.

Hey that last one was good. I thought you might have been a bot, before. :+1:

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I’m perfectly happy with 3.0, but I always mix my Huel in my blender. I add frozen fruit sometimes, almost always add a nice fruit nectar for part of my liquid and today put a Ghirardelli dark chocolate Raspberry square in too. I read that someone likes to have 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 chocolate when making the chocolate drink and that’s my standard now. Since it is winter, I often use hot water for the mix. That way I’m not drinking a cold drink, sort of a warm chocolate malt. The vanilla mixes with fruit nicely.