Chocolate RTD 8 Boxes Ordered!

Just ordered 8 boxes of RTD chocolate!

Can it get delivered in five minutes? SMILE!

Can’t wait to taste the new flavor!

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Damn you Huel, my subscription order just shipped on Friday! Now I have to wait another 6 weeks for my chocolate fix!! :rofl:


I feel for you, my friend!

My Huel deposit isn’t low, and I still have some Soylent left – but reordering is inevitable – and I don’t want to get caught with sold out Chocolate Huel, because my wife is waiting for the transition from Soylent to Huel, but won’t go 100% with me until there’s a Chocolate Huel RTD.


I’ll order this the next time I’m ready to replenish supplies. But I just got a shipment of x2 each powder flavor and 1 of each RTD vanilla and berry. I’ll be using my chocolate powdered Huel for any chocolate needs for now. However, I am interested in people’s reviews of the new chocolate RTD.


As soon as I get the Chocolate Huel in hand, I’ll post some quick thoughts here.

I really don’t care how it tastes – because I know it’s going to taste great no matter what – there’s no other option! SMILE!

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Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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FedEx Ground says all 8 boxes will be delivered tomorrow!