Chocolate & Cinnamon a winning combo

Heyo Huelers!
I’m relatively new to Huel. I originally bought it because I was planning a month long camping excursion in Japan which has since gone awry.
I’m awful at consuming breakfast so huel seemed perfect to me. Except the taste. It’s not bad by anymeans- it’s just easy to become bored of.
So far I’ve tried

  • Just Cinnamon
  • Cinnamon & Honey
  • Hot Cocoa Powder
  • Hot Cocoa Powder & Cinnamon ( my fav, I’m drinking it as I type)

Going to Try

  • Hot Cocoa Powder & Cayanne
  • Chai
  • Sub water for rice milk and Cinnamon ( I really would love an Horchata-like taste)

Has anyone tried adding spicy?
I know that most Huelers find savory off putting with the Huel Taste.

For reference I’m using Vanilla Huel not blended just with water ( no ice). I usually use one to two scoops per serving just because I have difficulty finishing portions bigger then this.
HUGE TIP: add the blender ball spring thing to your unblended huel for even less chunkage.



You’re off to a good start on exploring different ways to make your Huel! Here is a link with some more tips as well. You can even cook with Huel! (Check out this link for more information on this).

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I have a feeling you’ll love these recipes!

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I think this combo is good for me.

Hi @AnAngie, I’m curious: when you add the honey, did it mix well? I have wanted to try this but thought it would just come out like a blob since I normally mix my Huel with ice and then keep it cold overnight.
What has been your results with Honey, and if you don’t mind, what was your method when you mixed it?

i think i’ve tried it with honey, and don’t remember any honey chunkiness… but then again, maybe i let it sit enough to dissolve on its own. i also rarely use ice in my mix… maybe try shaking up the water/honey before adding ice and huel?

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