Chocolate & Cinnamon a winning combo


Heyo Huelers!
I’m relatively new to Huel. I originally bought it because I was planning a month long camping excursion in Japan which has since gone awry.
I’m awful at consuming breakfast so huel seemed perfect to me. Except the taste. It’s not bad by anymeans- it’s just easy to become bored of.
So far I’ve tried

  • Just Cinnamon
  • Cinnamon & Honey
  • Hot Cocoa Powder
  • Hot Cocoa Powder & Cinnamon ( my fav, I’m drinking it as I type)

Going to Try

  • Hot Cocoa Powder & Cayanne
  • Chai
  • Sub water for rice milk and Cinnamon ( I really would love an Horchata-like taste)

Has anyone tried adding spicy?
I know that most Huelers find savory off putting with the Huel Taste.

For reference I’m using Vanilla Huel not blended just with water ( no ice). I usually use one to two scoops per serving just because I have difficulty finishing portions bigger then this.
HUGE TIP: add the blender ball spring thing to your unblended huel for even less chunkage.



You’re off to a good start on exploring different ways to make your Huel! Here is a link with some more tips as well. You can even cook with Huel! (Check out this link for more information on this).


I have a feeling you’ll love these recipes!