Cancelled/damaged shipment?

Anyone else in the US get their shipment destroyed by UPS this week? My UPS status updated to “All merchandise discarded. UPS will attempt to notify the sender with details of the damage” but I haven’t heard from Huel about it yet.

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Nope. Watched UPS deliver my shipment yesterday. Box and product were in perfect condition.

Hi @Tmister,

I’m disappointed to hear your order was damaged during transit.

I will reach to you via private message for your order information and get a shipment of Huel out to you right away.


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Ups has done surprisingly well with the 38 Lb box they have been shipping me. Huel also double boxes the shipment which is very helpful. Hopefully you get some huel shipped out to you soon!


It’s not the usual “we broke your stuff” message and it was preceded by another unusual happened so I was wondering how widespread it was. I guess I’m “special”.

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