Can you guys stop sending us broken scoops?

So far 2 out of the 3 scoops I’ve gotten are broken on arrival and you can’t order more from the site. There… should be a way to remedy that. So far I’ve gotten 11 bags of Huel and one working scoop.

Looking in the background of that picture, it looks like you’ve purchased a few bags. At this point I’d call you a serious Huel consumer. I would recommend weighing your Huel so you know exactly how much you’re using, this rendering that scoop useless.

I bought metallic stainless steel scoops. 1/3 cup is the same size as the scoop.


This is great info! I didn’t receive any broken scoops, but I have some nice melamine scoops, one of which is 1/3 of a cup. I didn’t think to actually measure how much the scoop holds.

I weigh my huel. I still use the scoops to do that.

@macrobano I have messaged you directly about these broken scoops so we can get that sorted :blush:

@Domenique_Huel I’ve switched over to a metal scoop at this point. No longer necessary, just an inconvenience.

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Sorry to hear that, our scoops usually do not get sent broken but there could be some cases when a big order is placed. If you are in need of more scoops, let me know!