Caffeine in mocha flavor boost?

I know this info must be around somewhere, but when I do a search I come up with the old version of the FB which says 32mg. Can I get a confirmation of the caffeine amount in the latest version? Thanks.

i believe so
it had it on the back of the packet

Looks like they removed the caffeine? Never knew it used to have it though.

Thanks. I only have the taster sachet, so there is less information. The older version used to taste a lot more like coffee though, so I’m not terribly surprised. I find that this tastes more like Buttered Toffee. I happen to love Buttered Toffee, so it’s not a problem :slight_smile:

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According to google, cocoa powder has 2.3 mg of caffeine per gram. I am assuming that since cocoa powder is the main ingredient here and the serving size is 3 grams, that this has approximately 7mg of caffeine per serving.

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The older version also had powdered instant coffee in it. One serving had like 30 mg caffeine, give or take. I still have some of the old mocha stuff. Put it in the wife’s Huel when she needs a small caffeine boost.

Looks like the new stuff has no instant coffee in it. So with cocoa powder only, you’re looking at much less caffeine, I’d say.

i thought i read it… :upside_down_face:

There’s 4mg caffeine in 100g of mocha flavour boost and 0.12mg caffeine per 3g serving of flavour boost.

How is this possible? Is the cocoa powder decaffeinated somehow?

For starters the flavour boost contains more than just pure cocoa powder and also the amount of caffeine varies between different cocoa powders.

Yes but you’re claiming that the cocoa powder in the flavor boost contains 20x less caffeine than the USDA and every other source that I can find. Which is why I was wondering if Huel somehow found a decaffeinated cocoa powder to use. If the flavor boost is 35% cocoa powder, I would guess it to have approximately 80mg of caffeine per 100g pouch. Obviously I’m not a cocoa powder expert, but I can’t seem to find any decaff cocoa powder for sale online which is why I’m confused.

I’m sorry, because of confidentiality between Huel and the flavour houses we use I can’t provide anymore information, but the caffeine value has been confirmed through lab tests. I know that’s frustrating as it’s great to learn, sorry again!

Decaffeinated cocoa powders do exist but they’re mainly available wholesale.

Good to know, thanks.

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