Cafe Latte retired?

been drinking huel pretty much everyday for awhile now, I was wondering if the Cafe Latte will come back or is it gone for good? It was my favorite flavor. My last delivery ended up being 2x Coffee Caramel, and it’s just not on par with cafe latte. Decided to go back to Original for now, as it seems closest to cafe latte. Dunno if there was a change where out of stock items just don’t appear (they used to be greyed out) or if it has been discontinued =/

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That sucks I love caffe latte, really did not like the coffee caramel on black edition. If you’ve tried it, is it similar to that?

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Thanks for this feedback! We did make the decision to replace our Caffe Latte with the Coffee Caramel in response to customer feedback.

When decisions like this are made we understand that we may be potentially disappointing those that were fans of the product in question. I do apologize for any frustration or disappointment this decision has caused and will pass the feedback along to the product team :revolving_hearts:

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Yes, it is similar to the coffee caramel black edition flavor. Which isn’t really as smooth or sweet as the Cafe Latte was. I’d say the closest thing to Cafe Latte is original or maybe vanilla flavor. I haven’t had vanilla in forever but I did enjoy the original. It just doesn’t have any coffee undertones.


darn, cafe latte was by far my favorite. i remember lamenting the fact that it had caffeine… and then eventually i just got used to it because it was so good.

will give coffee caramel a shot i guess, but sad cafe latte got nixed.

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Oh no! I hope I like the Coffee Caramel, but I really didnt like the Salted Caramel at all. Now you have two caramel flavors and I loved the Caffe Latte. :rage:

Cafe Latte was far superior to the new Coffee Caramel imo :frowning_face: