New Black Edition Flavor and Unflavored! ☕

Some exciting news this week is that we have finally got some new flavors for Black Edition!

Coffee Caramel - roasted coffee but with a shot of caramel plus all the good stuff about Black Edition – 50% less carbs, 33% more protein and no artificial sweeteners.

and an Unflavored & Unsweetened variety of Black Edition!

They’re all on our Black Edition page here!


Excellent news! So happy that you folks are continuing to introduce new flavors. I took a very quick glance at the product page and didn’t see how much caffeine is in the Coffee Caramel?


Dang! Just got my newest batch today. Guess I’ll need to wait a month to try Caramel Coffee.

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@Desert_Way Looks like 65mg per serving under the vitamin & mineral content section.


This is exciting, placing an order tomorrow for 2 bags :smile:!

That’s it!

Here we go! Let us know what you think!

Missed it, thanks very much!

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So excited to finally have a coffee flavor in the US!

It would be nice if HUEL kept the same flavors across their products. I LOVED the Berry Flavor. Moved over to BLACK - NO BERRY FLAVOR. Now they have Coffee - Caramel. Try to order Ready to Drink, NO COFFEE Flavor. I would love a BLACK Edition Berry Flavor.

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Thanks for your suggestions Erik! Because of the different ingredients and processing, some flavours can be easier to get right than others and it all depends on what people are asking for.

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Lol… same! Got my batch about a week ago so I’ll have to wait a bit. Pretty exciting news!

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I’m assuming it also takes quite a bit of time and resources to nail multiple flavors at the same time.

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I’ve read in a post in the UK it is 66mg of caffeine per 400 calorie serving. It gives a nice easy boost. I just had one scoop iced and it tasted quite nice. I may make it with coffee as I like to have about 200mg of caffeine in the morning.

I just tried the new Black Coffee Caramel flavor, and it’s delicious! I like it much better than the Chocolate one, and about as much as Vanilla. Thanks!

I dont like coffee but I love caramel, do you think non coffee drinkers would enjoy?

I’m not completely sure. You can definitely taste both flavors together. It’s a tiny bit sweeter than the vanilla or chocolate.

Came back to say I got the caramel coffee flavor and it was everything I hoped for and more. Holy Moses, this stuff is crazy good. Dare I say it’s almost too sweet and desserty? No. I’ll never say it.

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Just ordered a bag myself this week, looking forward to trying it out.

I just added the Black Coffee Caramel to my order this month. Looking forward to trying it. My Hot & Savory order arrives Monday, and that is what I am REALLY excited about.

It’s good with some added instant coffee, but it’s too sweet still.

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