Black Edition (Sulfite Content)

About a month or so ago, I started developing pain at the base of my hands. I’ve since been to the doctor for nerve testing as well as had x-rays taken, but there are no clear candidates for the pain as of yet.

My sister recommended that I eliminate sulfites from my diet to see if that makes a difference, and in doing some research, it would appear that the tapioca starch used in the BE of Huel may contain sulfites.

Would someone with more experience with nutrition weigh in? Should I remove the BE from my diet while I try to rid myself of sulfites? While I’m at it, what Huel products (if any) should I avoid during this elimination trial?

@Dan_Huel is the resident nutrition expert and can chime in on the topic.

There are no sulphates, sulphites or sulphur dioxide containing ingredients in Huel. Sulphites can be added during the processing of tapioca as a preservative or processing aid but that’s not used for the tapioca starch in Huel products.

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Thank you for that info! That’s a relief :smiley: