Nutrient-Void Starches

I’m turned off by the presence of corn starch and tapioca starch as they’re nutritionally void high empty calorie processed foods. (As far as I know)

Personally would not care about thickness/texture if it means adding refined starches and hope others agree.

Tapioca does have some resistant starch that feed our micro biome, but I’ve read that raw potato starch is a better source of that.

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Corn starch is present in very small amounts in the Powders as a carrier for some of the vitamins and minerals, it’s not there to provide nutrition.

Tapioca starch like you mentioned is there for a better texture and flavor delivery. It provides some of the carbohydrates but the overall nutrition of Huel is unaffected, it’s still nutritionally complete.

It’s important to look at each ingredient in the context of the whole product, the amounts used and what it brings rather than in isolation.

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Can you explain the important of maltodextrin to huel? I see it’s not present in U/U Huel, so I feel like it’s not too important. I hear it can spike insulin due to being high on the GI scale, but since Huel is mostly low on the same scale, I don’t know if that counters it. At this point, I want to be careful of what I am putting in my body as to not cause unnecessary weight gain, or slow down fat lass. One thing I am doing is switching away from all food that has artificial sweetener, such as sucralose. Glad to see Huel Black Edition be free of it. Though Huel Black Edition does have maltodextrin, and has no option of U/U

Yeap, again it’s there for a carrier of some of the vitamins and minerals, but also some of the flavors too. So, some of the flavored Huel Powders go over the levels required to declare maltodextrin on the label.

It’s confusing I know. There is around 1% maltodextrin in the Powders so a small amount. You’re absolutely right that maltodextrin has a high GI, however because there’s such a small amount in the Powders it doesn’t really have an effect on the GI.

The GI of Huel Powder v3.0 is 16 and we are awaiting the test results of Black Edition which we expect to be the same. A low GI food as a value below 55, you can find out more here.

Remember that high GI foods don’t cause weight gain because they increase insulin, if they relate to weight loss it’s likely due to them being easier to overeat.

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