Bags recyclable


I suppose maybe it depends on one’s local facilities, but, on the whole, are Huel bags recyclable?


Hi @snotmars

The pouches are currently not recyclable. They are made of a composite of plastic outer layer for strength and waterproofing, and an inner layer of foil to block light which could degrade the micronutrients.

We could make the pouches recyclable tomorrow, from biodegradable material. However, the compromise is that they will be weaker, will start to breakdown in the presence of moisture and will not block all the light. These means that the shelf life of Huel will need to be reduced, and there will be significant increase in product being spoiled due to water damage and general wear and tear. Therefore, we think overall using the current stronger, light blocking non-recyclable pouches actually creates less waste overall.



The upside is that we’re not buying foods wrapped in plastic for every day consumption - it’s just one bag.


Yeah, tbh I’d be happy to purchase a 10 kg bag in the spirit of reducing waste - however, the size of that bag would probably be almost the same amount of material as 5 of the existing bags.


The problem is that once the bag is opened the shelf life for it is reduced to ~6 months vs the ~1 year life for unopened which is probably why they give so many bags for large orders.


That’s true, but I’d still use that much in under 6 months. The 1.75 kg bags are more manageable too.


I don’t even use the bags. I think they may cause powder clouds, and you always have to go through the trouble of sealing it tight without air.

I went to Target and found an air tight container for sugar/flour. Surprisingly it is the exact size needed for 1 bag of Huel. I also store it under my cabinets where there is no sunlight.