Huel Travel packets

I travel often and the people are getting vaccinated, I am starting to plan future work travel.
I was wondering if you Huel had any plans for travel, single packets. Like 1 packet = 2 scoops or something along those lines. This way I can take with me on the road, packets instead of carrying around zip lock bags with huel on them.


I would like this, too, as a way of being able to try a flavor before you commit to an entire bag of it, like a box of individual packs where one could decide how many of each flavor they want. This would be best if the packaging was recyclable and/or compostable. While one of the things I like about Huel is reducing food waste, I would be willing to forgo a year-long shelf life for the ability to have individual packets without packaging that has to end up in a landfill.


If they could find a way to package single servings in recyclable or biodegradable packaging, sign me up. My job is traveling and it would be so useful.

I’d be on board with Huel selling reusable packets that we could add powder to. Creating disposable single serve packaging (even if it’s recyclable/composable) seems like the opposite of the sustainable and environmentally friendly mentality Huel is based on. They already make ready-to-drink bottles and bars.

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