Heul Recyclable Container

Is there any chance the 3.0 & Black packaging could be universally changed to the style of the Huel Complete Protein? The only thing I don’t like about Huel is that I can’t recycle the bag (and that I tend to make a bit of the mess with the bag style, wasting a bit of it by accident)

I love this idea. I second this request - I use both 3.0 as well as a few of the Hot & Savory products and I’d love the convenience and recyclability of a canister.

Anyone else have tons of trouble getting the last bit of powder out of these bags? I also would love to have these come in a canister. As another suggestion, I might even be willing to pay some money to buy a Huel branded airtight canister into which I could dump the bag. This, however, does not address the recyclable question…

I get the last bit of powder out of the bag by cutting the bag in half with a sharp pair of scissors. A shorter bag makes it easier to scoop or pour out the last little bit.

When the bag gets low I will typically just dump the last bit out into the next bag I’m opening (unless it’s a different flavor). Just zip the seal about 2/3rds of the way and use the 1/3rd open to dump out of to prevent a mess.