Bag left open still safe?

I had a bag that I didn’t realize didn’t close all the way. Some powder got in between the seal. Left for a 3 week trip with it open in the pantry. Still safe to eat?

Your pantry is a cool dark place so I’m pretty sure it will be fine.

To get that pesky powder out the seal dry running a credit card along it.

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i frequently find that i’ve not closed my bags all the way. apparently i’m lazier than i thought…? but i keep mine on top of the fridge, and have not had any issues

No matter what I have done to clean out the seal, I have had several bags that will not seal no matter what I try. I have had to resort to folding the top of the bag over about a 1/2 inch, and folding it about 3 times, then clamping it shut with any clip I have available in 3 spots. That seems to work fine and those bags I never have to worry about popping open when transporting them.

A toothpick works well for me when there is some stuck in the grooves.

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That’s not right at all. Thanks for raising this Al I will pass it onto our quality team.