Bag of Huel Closure

Ok, I hope I’m not the only one.
Every bag of huel has (for lack of a better word) a zip lock closure. I found that every time I went to open the bag for my next meal I would spend some time trying to find the edge to pry it open. To resolve this when I first open each bag, after tearing the top off, I trim off part of one side above the closure. Allowing for a flap to easily access the precious huel inside. Hope this helps.


I thought I was the only one who considered that a problem. :slight_smile:


Ok we’ve all seen the questions ( how long after a bag of Huel is open used a bit properly resealed & burped air out and still be good ? ) several seem to feel six months perhaps. So then if its 2 days short of that date or opps a month or so past what might we expect ? Might we develop special powers, extra limbs, does it become unsafe, can you notice a change of smell or texture or color. How do we know ? What to expect ?
Waste not want not right !!!

The world may never know…

Since an open bag is consumed within 2 weeks, I’ve never had to worry about one expiring.

I don’t plan to purchase more than a year’s worth at a time either, so I don’t know how to realistically create a situation where a bag of Huel passes its prime.

Woulda coulda shoulda but…
But yeah in a perfect world we all might. however, I had an opened resealed bout 1/2 ~ 3/4 used bag reappear after an unsure amount of time possibly about that 6 + or - month range so I was curious. As tossing it just seems wrong. So I was hoping someone had some specific to my question references to specificly clarify this concern. As not becoming a superhero, ill, wasting my Huel or whatever is important.

Hmm, it’s tough to say, unfortunately. Obviously, expiration dates are not always exact, but I would advise to not stray too far from the 6 month mark. I’m not sure how long it takes to spoil per se, but the nutrients do degrade over time after being exposed to oxygen, so it could be less effective depending how long it’s been.

Well the born on or done date on each bag does help but how to tell after a bag has been opened how long it’s been open even still doesn’t completely cover the uniqueness of the concern. Well kept it could keep longer than poorly kept. So how to tell if a bag is still good enough to consume ? Is there a color change, does it have a different smell, some test, perhaps the texture changes. There should by now be enough data available to specificly answer this concern of when a bag is found and opened it presents as good, ok, sketchy, bad, dear god dont use that to avoid opps to late.

This does not happen to me. You don’t really need to pry. It comes right open. Because you cut the bag, that might make the powder inside not last as long.

If a pouch of Huel powder has been opened and stored in a cool, dark place, it should be good for many months. If the seal isn’t airtight, there is a small risk of loss of some of the labile micronutrients, but these won’t cause any issue if you’re not 100% Huel.

If the powder hasn’t clumped in the bag, looks as normal and smells as usual, then it should be fine.