B-e-a-utifil days ahead

The last two days here on the mid-east coast have been amazing. Clear skies, sun, animals being animals, flowers blooming, long walks/hikes being had…you’re going to probably burn up a lot of energy like me and doggo over here.

Stay hydrated.

After a long walk out in the sun, treat yourself to this tasty Huel shake:
13oz chocolate oat milk
1/2 scoop chocolate plant protein
1 scoop peanut butter Huel

Don’t want to mess around w/all the different powders, or don’t use protein powder, here’s another:
13oz chocolate oat milk
2/3 scoop banana & peanut butter Huel

Both shakes are dense. Add water and/or an egg to thin accordingly.

Quick prep. Hits the spot. Enjoy

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I like your recipe and loving your positive attitude :heart_eyes:

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