Autistic Person's Review of Huel

Hi I’m Raz and I’m pretty sure Huel is going to save my life. For context, I’m 20 years old, autistic, have emetophobia (fear of throwing up), and have struggled with eating for years because I don’t like the way that solid food feels in my mouth because my gag reflex is so strong and it scares me. I lived off of premier protein shakes and miso soup when things got really bad, but my teeth started getting really gross because I was eating so much sugar, and I was super unhealthy because I just wasn’t getting enough calories/nutrients/vitamins in me. Things got a little better and some solid foods are acceptable now, but the amount of food I can handle without feeling incredibly nauseous still doesn’t fill me up or nourish my body. Today was my first day drinking Huel and already I’ve noticed a huge change in my energy levels and satiety. Not only that, but because it’s a liquid, I don’t have that same gag reflex I do with eating solid food. I do blend mine to get that grainy texture out, but it’s no worse than protein powder, especially if you mix it with oat milk (or something like that). I’m just really grateful that I’m going to be able to have a food source that actually nourishes my body, and can be a gateway to eating more solid foods after I’m able to get past that initial nausea of eating on an empty stomach. Huel has quite literally changed my life and I’m so so glad this company exists. I think y’all would do really well advertising to autistic people and other folks with textural sensitivity!



Stay hydrated, too. Make sure you’re drinking several glasses of water a day…to help lubricate your insides and keep everything functioning as best it can.

You can also take a glance at the recipes tab to find some great concoctions people have created while enjoying their Huel.

Alright. To your health.


Great to be aware of. Thanks!

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congrats raz! glad you found something that works for you! and i totally second @nachosalad78’s recommendation of keeping hydrated. especially as you said, you’ve had issues with eating enough.

good luck!

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Congratulations!! You deserve some credit for not giving up and continuing to sear Xu for a solution that works for you.
And thanks for sharing your story! I hope you’re right and that others who have the same problem will find out and get some relief

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Hey @cmoonstone2,
So incredibly happy to hear that Huel is helping you eat and nourish your body. We are proud to have you as a Hueligan know we are with you every step of the way :sparkling_heart:

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This is really awesome. Glad you shared!

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