Autism eating issues

Kind of a weird question but does anyone use huel products to help with eating problems that go along with autism and intellectual disability disorders? I use the soylent shakes and huel hot and savory because it’s the easiest way to eat healthy without having to make a bunch of decisions about what to eat and how to meal prep etc. The nice thing about these products too are that they’re super predictable which I think helps with sensory problems and sensitive stomach issues that go along with autism and ID. Anyway H&S has been a huge help to me and I just wondered if anyone else uses it for those reasons?


I just bought huel (both powder + bars + H&S) because I don’t have the energy to do college + work + cook + do more than a basic grocery shopping (for all frozen crap). I’m also Autistic and ADHD, and I’m hoping I don’t feel like absolute garbage 24/7 like I have for years. Losing weight is an added bonus though.

I used to do soylent (powder + RTD) but RTD destroyed my stomach and powder is too expensive.

Hi Zoey thank you so much for responding it’s so nice to see that someone else uses it for the reasons I do! It sounds like you’re planning to do pretty much all Huel on a daily basis? I do soylent powder for a breakfast shake and a soylent rtd for lunch and then huel H&S for dinner. It’s been working really well for me and I hope that it helps you feel better too. I’d like to hear how it goes for you and if you notice any changes. I feel like nutrition is a huge problem in the developmental disabilities community that no one talks about, not even doctors. For years I ate nothing but convenience junk food because I quite simply don’t have the ability to do complicated meal prep and grocery shopping, these products solve that problem. I have autism myself and I work at a day center for people with developmental disabilities so I’m around the issue a lot. The stuff these people are fed is really awful and it shows in their health. They’re almost all obese, they deal with IBS symptoms daily, their teeth are in horrible shape it’s common for them to need full dentures by their 30’s-40’s. My friends who are higher functioning like you and me don’t seem to be much better because even though we’re high functioning enough to choose and buy our own food, the food prep problem is still there so we resort to junk foods. Anyway I’m sorry for the long post but I’m very grateful for Huel and I wish there was a way to market it towards neurodivergent/mentally disabled or struggling people as a healthy option. And honestly if it’s all you’re eating I think it’s cheaper than junk food anyways.