Are the raspberry protien bars just terrible?

I bought the variety pack, and tried raspberry first because I usually like it.
But it was just sour and bitter. Super bad overall.

I’ve only tried the bars that came in my best seller pack. I didn’t think they were horrible, but…not really something I would buy again. I didn’t hate them, but they don’t fit my needs, so I really have no use for them.

I loved these. Something changed with the recent batches. I’ve gone through several boxes of the rasp & w choc bars over the last 12-18 months, really enjoyed them, but this most recent delivery was terrible. Won’t be ordering any more for a long time, if ever.

I ordered a variety box in the middle of January to see how they tasted. They were pretty disgusting, and the sour/bitter/soapy taste stayed with me for 5 or 10 minutes afterwards.

Needless to say, unless Huel changes something, I won’t even think about getting any more.

Edit: all flavors in the box had the bad taste.

Bummed that was your experience! Do you think you could drop us an email, we would love to check the batch out. Email us at :two_hearts: