Anyone else having trouble concentrating when consuming Huel?

I’ve been having Huel for almost a full week now, having it for both breakfast and lunch every day except for Sunday. My job involves focusing on something intensely and finding small details (think code review, etc in software engineering). When I wake up and haven’t eaten I can do this work fine, but as soon as I’ve had my first Huel until the time I have had “real food” for dinner, I can’t concentrate at all and it’s affecting my work a lot.

I feel better soon after having a normal meal. I have the Vanilla US v1.0, and I’m thinking it has to do with the sweetener. I used to eat a lot of sugary things way back in high school, and I remember feeling almost as foggy as this during the day, but haven’t felt that way again until now. On Sunday I had no Huel and felt like my normal self again, able to work on all sorts of cool projects again. Is there any way to exchange the rest of my Vanilla bags for Unsweetened? I had heard bad things about the taste, but I tend to add a bit of raw unsweeteened cacao or coffee sometimes to improve the taste anyway.

Does anyone else feel like this? If so, have you seen improvement when just having the unsweetened?

EDIT: More info: I am having 3 scoops 2 times a day to make it easier to count calories to lose weight while hopefully maintaining the nutrition I need to be at my best.

I’m also going to go with the unsweetened next time to eliminate the sweeteners. Wish I would have thought about that when I first ordered.
Here’s to hoping that you don’t have much left and can just switch over to unsweetened. Or maybe order the unsweetened and go half and half vanilla till you use it up.

If you would like to return your vanilla Huel for unflavored/unsweetened Huel, please send your order # and the name used to place the order to From there, we will be happy to resolve this for you. :slight_smile:

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Man y’alls customer service is amazing. I just came across Huel thru FB 2 days ago. I have not ordered yet been researching about y’all but let me say your Customer service from what I’ve seen on the forum is amazing. Have never done a meal replacement before but am very intrigued by what I’ve read. Thank you to all who have posted ur thoughts & experiences.

Continued success
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I replace breakfast and dinner, I too have a job with demanding concentration. That foggy feeling left after the first week. We use one scoop of vanilla to two scoops unflavored. Its perfect.

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Your diet influences so many processes in your body, including cognitive things, that any drastic change in diet could change your mood and ability to concentrate.

The biochemistry behind it is so complex that it’s hard to say it’s one thing or another in the Huel formulas.

Simply, I think about what happens to my rational thinking when I’m hungry, and it changes. I get hangry!

So full disclosure, I don’t think I can do three Huel meals per day, two max, and then a balanced meal of solid food. Although the meals leave you with a pleasantly full feeling, they don’t take the craving of real foods away.