Samples for friends to try? Including All flavors

It’s would be nice to offer a trial size for a certain amount of meals with a sample size of all the flavors.
This would make it alot easier for me to refer friends to try your product so they can gain the best experience from huel!
Also a smaller sample size for all flavors would be nice as well.

Last inquiry would be what is the ETA or delay of new products or flavors coming to the US

Thank you :blush:

Hi Michael, thank you for your feedback! It’s possible that we might consider offering sample sizes of the flavors in the future. We have so many exciting things to bring to our Huelers this year, so keep a lookout! We launched our 5 new flavor boosts on January 8th and you can check them out, here.

In regards to the Huel powder, we do not currently offer sample sizes. We believe the more Huel you have to start, the more ways you can enjoy it, and the more variety you can find to help you with your long term health goals. Of course, if you find that Huel is not for you for any reason, please reach out and we can offer you a refund or do anything else we can to make you happy.

If you’re interested in sharing Huel with your friends, you should check out our Refer a Friend program that gives both of you $10 off. :tada: