Need a trial or sample size

I don’t want to spend about 60 bucks on something I might not be able to tolerate. I would appreciate being able to purchase a small sampling of products.


We may explore more purchasing options in the future! But currently that is not an option.

Consider trying to find friends to go in on it with you. I shared your concerns, but don’t regret ordering yet.


Totally agree with you, webgrunt. Many other protein companies offer $5 sample packs. I don’t get it.

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I recommend checking out this thread on our UK forum as it covers some of our reasons why we don’t offer samples.

We used to offer samples but this wouldn’t come with the shaker, handbook, enough Huel to find the right blend or amount for the user and samples greatly increased the amount of packaging and waste we produced. Without the shaker, people were not making Huel correctly and thus had a worse experience.

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I would also like this. I’m interested in the sweet and savory packs. Bir I don’t want to commit to three of them for $69

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Or family. Or neighbors. Or office-people. Probably especially those.

I genuinely respect this response. Standard practice, companies just say that don’t offer at this time. However, you explain it in depth why you do not. Soooo, I think I’m going to give the Huel Bag a try.

A tech guy on YouTube sponsored you all which brought me here. :slight_smile:

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I agree. there are more than enough servings in two bags to get four friends together to try it for a week :slight_smile:

Also I was weary about the price tag too. but if you navigate the site right you can get away with a free bag of hot and savory and a tester pack of flavor boosts for $2.50. But I had an influx of money from my taxes so I took the dive. Totally worth it and the stuff usually ships in 2 days.