Any one with experiences on lost packages?

So, I realized today that I was sent a package in April and it was never received. Since I am on a subscription service it’s not something that I think about since I get it delivered as usual. I clicked on the link provided by the email on April 12th and the FedEx website says it was signed by an AAUH which does not match anyone’s initials in my family. If I click on their proof of delivery it asks for the payor number. Usually, with lost packages, you take it up with the delivery company, but it seems like I can’t with this one, has anyone had any experiences like this one? Have you guys contacted support to see if they can give the number to you? I’m perplexed at the lack of customer support. I dropped almost 200 bucks for that stuff and I can’t even get my own proof of delivery for my package. If this issue doesn’t get resolved, I’m headed back to Soylent.

Have you contacted support?

I’m so sorry, this sucks. Have you got in contact with our Customer Experience team at or on one of our social medias?

The forum is less used for order and shipping issues but I will tag some of the team to see if they can help you ASAP @Alex_Huel @Tyler_Huel @Christian_Huel

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@aineoh Thanks for reaching out to support! I see @Alex_Huel has been in touch through email. We need some information confirmed so we’ll carry on there.

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I have contacted to support. I was told they would resend back in the 31st but I have yet to receive anything. I’m certain it wasn’t received by anyone in my buildings office as they are against receiving customer packages and will decline drivers if they try to deliver to them.

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We are resending this again!