1 or 2 scoops? Preference?

The books says for 17 fl oz 1 scoop is 50g (200cal)

2 scoops is 100g (400cal)

Wonder if I should do 1 or 2 scoops? I think I prefer cus this stuff gets thick quick.

I have Huel Black btw.

I use about 27fl oz for 2 scoops which creates my preferences of consistency - experiment with it to see how you may like it more for thickness

I use 100g in 400ml (13.5 oz)

I didn’t realize that was an extreme consistency, but compared to above it’s 2x concentration.

I think I’d have a harder time drinking that much water in 3-4 gulps - but I know that’s not advised either :slight_smile:

I prefer it thicker so usually do 14-17 ounces with 90g of Black.

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PS: 2 scoops of black is 90g/400 cal but that’s moot for me as I weigh it.


Seems most prefer 2 scoops. Ima go with that for a while then.

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You could also have 1 scoop every few hours.

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Did something change? Finishing my last bag of an old order. 3 scoops (127g) to 800 ml for 500 cal.