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I think the first bag of HUEL I ordered had a plastic ‘Scoop’ - How can I get another one… I would like to know I am getting a measured ‘Serving’ when I am making my drinks.

Thank you

If you have a subscription, go to manage it, then click “add to order”, and you should be able to select it (near the bottom).

1 scoop of Huel powder is equivalent to 1/4 cup or if you have a digital scale you might measure out your ingredients with, 1 scoop of Huel powder is 32 grams

One scoop is 32 grams? Isn’t two scoops supposed to be 100 grams?

yup yup. i have no idea. maybe 2 heaping scoops…

i just Googled that shiz and laid it out for OP so they have a reference

Maybe that’s from the old version of Huel, but I know each scoop should be 50 grams, and two scoops is one serving.

This is using the old scoop size which was a bit smaller than the new one you likely have. 3 old scoops would come out to the equivalent of 500 calories, whereas 2 (of the new, larger scoops) come out to 400 calories.


I was about to suggest a food scale, but the last guy who did that on these forums was run out of town on a rail. So I dare not bring that up again. :slight_smile:

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Flagging a direct message doesn’t really do much when you and I are the only parties who would be able to see the message. Nor does it diminish the truth of my words.
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