Amount of water in the ready-to-drink

I’ve searched and searched and can’t find this information. I’m starting to log my water intake and would like to know how much water is in a bottle.
Perhaps Huel can chime in with this answer.

I think that’s proprietary information so I doubt they’d share that. Why not just log it at 50% of the fluid ounces to be safe?

If I was logging my water, and I use, I wouldn’t bother logging RTD Huel in my log.

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Ummmmmm, ok…
I wasn’t looking for anyone’s opinion about logging RTD or water but thank you for sharing your opinion.

Since this post, I’m NOT going to be logging my water because as it turns out I’m plenty hydrated anyways. It’s a feature on my garmin and since I run and exercise a LOT I figured I’d check it out.

BTW, water is the first ingredient in Huel RTD so it would count as part of daily water intake IF one was to be logging / concerned about their water intake.

If I were concerned with my water intake, I would decide how much water I needed to consume and I would drink pure water to hit my goal and consider water in my food as bonus. I would not log any water in huel, soup, oatmeal, grapes, celery, etc.

Btw… If you wanted Huel to answer a question directly and you didn’t want the opinion of others, you shouldn’t have posted here. You could’ve just emailed them directly…

The question was about the water content in Huel, not about whether or not I should be logging water intake.

The water intake amount has to be known to a person and also needed to know the perfect balanced diet as well. Some uses clarified butter or we can say a2 ghee to have the perfect nutrition in our body. But with that water intake is also important.

Hey there, sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. I just reached out to our team and the amount of free water in Huel RTD is about 84-85% by weight.

Tracking water and fluid intake overall can be super helpful, especially if you exercise frequently, to be sure you are getting enough! Let me know if you have any further questions!

Thank you!
So a full bottle with cap off weighed 19.8 oz and after I drank it and washed it out, the bottle weighed 1.3 oz = 18.5 oz of content x .845 = 15.6325 oz water by weight / 1.0432 (oz per fl oz for water) = 14.985 fl oz if using 84.5% weight of water. So it would be safe to say 15 fl oz is water.

I did the math because I’m sure someone would call me out on it, but I’ll probably also get called out by doing the math. I forgot how bad forums can be.

Yes it is and to the naysayers and snarky comment authors (this will be the last time I reply here on this topic and you can have the last word because there’s no need to waste time on it anymore), I run 5-7 days a week (25-50 miles a week) and strength train 2-3 days a week (45 - 90 minutes each day) and sometimes I cycle but not regularly, so I manage to work up a good sweat over the course of my workouts and it would be safe to assume that sometimes I sweat out more than someone sitting behind a computer (or in front of a game system all day) would actually drink (water) in a day. I drink water all day long and usually stay well hydrated. The topic of logging water and using garmin’s water tracking feature seemed like a good idea as it can calculate estimated sweat loss, however it turned out that I am indeed staying well hydrated (hydration isn’t just water intake, but also electrolytes which I add to my water when needed) and garmin was definitely over calculating for me, so I’m not going to be logging anymore but will be doing what I have been doing which was going by urine color (light yellow/straw to clear is generally optimal if not taking any meds or you have any health conditions that change urine color.)

This post is here and in the future maybe someone else would like to know the amount of water content of Huel RTD and can find it here!

Charlotte, thank you for your response!
PS… I LOVE the berry flavored RTD!

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