Water Intake/Huel Spacing Throughout The Day

Hey All. I’m currently doing Huel for breakfast/lunch and solid food for dinner. I’m considering going Huel full time (well, except when going out to eat, etc.) and I had an idea…

I’m 210lbs and going by the “half your weight in ounces” rule, I try to drink 100 ounces of water a day. I’ve been playing with my current Huel:Water ratio and it’s tough to get right without having to drink too much water in a short amount of time (I like it pretty thin)

My idea:
What if I mix up a full day’s calories across the whole 100 ounces? It will end up very thin/liquidy, and I could space it evenly throughout the day, just drinking it like I normally drink my 100 ounces (which I’m used to doing already) versus trying to drink my big Huel drink at mealtimes. Thoughts?

It will thicken as it absorbs the water.

If you don’t make your water goal, you would be leaving nutrition in the water you didn’t drink.

I couldn’t drink as much water as you propose.

@miked I’m not concerned about the volume - I consistently exceed 100 ounces/day

I wouldn’t worry about that rule Tom. Your body does a pretty good job at working out when you need to drink and when you don’t.

As Huel is high in fibre some people need to consume more water to account for this but I don’t think you will have this problem.

Good luck!

@Dan_Huel maybe I’ve done a poor job of explaining. I’m not concerned with the volume of water. I already drink 100 ounces and will continue to do that.

My idea was more about consuming Huel incrementally over the whole day rather than at mealtimes.

Oh I see, apologies. If that works for you go for it! It can be good to separate your Huel into meals at the same time to create a routine, if that’s not a concern for you then full steam ahead.

I think the issue with that would be the getting nutrients all day thing.

Research is finding there are more and more benefits to fasting, which occcurs anytime you go more than four hours without food. This is why intermittent fasting is becoming so popular - there are a wide variety of benefits and it costs nothing to do. While we all technically fast while sleeping, going a few extra hours a day without any food has been shown to help with weight loss, mental clarity, and so on. My personal experience - my eyesight has improved drastically. So much so that the optometrist kept me a lot longer to double check her Rx - she couldn’t believe how much my eyesight had improved.

If you can contain your huel to a less than 8 hour window, (thinned out and all) then, go for it! But I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan to be drinking it for 10+ hours daily.

The benefits of fasting in relation weight loss boil down to less calories being eaten. So, if the same calories are eaten throughout a 16 hour day vs an 8/4 hour eating window it will make more difference.

Completely agree there is growing research in the area of intermittent fasting which is really exciting but we are in the early stages.

There may be possible negatives in terms of a consistent feeding state in the body, but I know little of the research in this area if there is any.