Totally new to this, help?

So I’m completely new to this, but after reviewing a bunch of videos and reviews about this. I wanted to give this a shot. I’m wondering if anyone could help a newbie calculate how much I’d need to use per day to lose weight. I’ve used a calorie calculator to figure out what i’d need to consume to lose weight, i’ll put the results here:


I’d honestly like to do a full replacement, as I really want to shed this weight i’ve put on over the years. I used to be around 185lbs when I was in high school, now i’m around 255lbs put on over the last 7 years or so. I’m aware that full replacement is harder than replacing 1 or 2 meals. if it’s better to do it that way, I’ll ease into it. I’d love suggestions.

I’m not saying my target is 185lbs, but it could be. I just want to lose weight until i feel better about myself again.

My biggest question is how much would i need to order in order to do 3 meals a day at my caloric intake for each day? What would i need to set my order frequency at?

Any help is appreciated.

The new powder Huel labeling is based on 400 calorie serving. To get a 400 calorie serving, it will be 2 of the scoops. (Make sure to order a scoop with your first shipment). The ready to drink are prepackaged at 400 calories each and are roughly twice the price per serving for the convenience of a RTD.

You probably would do best with a 600 calorie (3 scoops) per meal, and then blend it with a milk of your choice. 8 ounces of plain oat milk is 130 calories. So then you’re at a little over 700 calories each. That’s 2100 calories. Another option is to use water and blend a medium banana into the Huel which is about 110 calories, again giving you 700 calories per meal.

Blending with milk enhances the taste and texture of powdered Huel and is the default liquid that many of us use to blend it. Also, this will add a little extra calories. Without the milk or banana, 3 x 600 calorie meals is only 1800 calories per day, and that is probably too much of a cut for you. So the milk serves two purposes.


Until you are fully adjusted and ready to do Huel full time, I recommend not subscribing. Start by ordering 6 to 8 bags. Then when you get down to 4 bags, manually reorder.

But to get an idea, let’s do some math. Each bag of powdered Huel is 1.78 kg, or 1780 grams. Each 400 calorie serving (2 scoops) corresponds to 100 grams. So if you are doing 600 calories (3 scoops) per meal, that’s 150 grams. 1780 divided by 150 means you’ll get over 11 meals per bag.

3 meals/day means 21 meals per week. So 2 bags will be needed every week, with a small amount left over. (2 bags will supply you with 22 of your 600 calorie meals. So it’s a little more than one week but very close.)

By manually ordering when you get down to 4 bags, that will give you a two week lead time till you run out. And, assuming Huel has worked out their distribution issues, this should be enough. I generally order when I am about two to three weeks away from running out, but I only do one Huel per day.

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You can prepare Huel powder blended ahead of time for around 24 hours ahead of when you drink it. You could blend all 3 meals at once, storing them in the refrigerator.

I make my Huel the night before, stored in an insulated container. I fill my blended container with a mix of milk, some ice, and some water. The ice helps to cool it immediately since it would take longer to reach chilled temperature sitting inside an insulated container in the refrigerator.

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I would also suggest for the sake of your motivation and the ability to stick with this plan for the long term: don’t make it about weight loss.

Deron can expound on all the interesting science about insulin sensitivity and your natural ability to eat the proper amount once you’ve broken the junk addiction, but I focus on ease of prep, satisfaction/fullness, and increased energy from both proper nutrition and the displacement of the toxic garbage. When you are full on low GI nutrition you don’t need all the junk, after a while you don’t even want all the junk. If each Huel-up you remind yourself that you are doing this to be healthy, the weight loss will be a natural side effect. (Within reason, of course, if you eat 4kcal/day of Huel and don’t also exercise with all the extra energy that brings you won’t ‘naturally’ lose weight)

fwiw, keep posting your progress.
This community is very supportive. :slight_smile:


Amen. :pray::pray::pray:


Thank all of you for your responses. I’ll take all of these into consideration. I’ve been thinking I’d start with one or 2 meals replaced per day, and work my way from there, depending on the difficulty at first. And I do want to do this to not only lose weight, but be healthier in general, so thanks for that commend miked! I’ll try to keep all these things in mind. and I’ve just recently gotten a smart watch for work purposes, but I’ll def use the features on it to track my progress and remind myself of things daily.

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