Finding the recommended amount too much to consume in one sitting

Does anyone have this experience? I am trying Huel to see if I can use it for weight loss and increased nutrition. However when I mix 100g (I use a scale to weigh) with 14 oz almond milk and throw in some frozen fruit, it is way to much to consume. I am 72 years old, 5’ 4" and weigh approximately 145-150 pounds. Will using half as much be beneficial in the long run? Thanks!

Hi Jeanne,

Based on your size having less than 400kcal per Huel meal will be fine. It will also depend on what else you eat throughout the day.

This guide and calorie calculator may help: Guide and calorie calculator.

@jeannieas welcome to the Hueligan world!! I’m not an expert, I’m just a regular old customer, but I remember having a very similar experience to you when I first started. I mixed up the serving and I just went “Woah that is so much food!” and I couldn’t finish it. It still happens to me sometimes depending on what I’ve eaten in the previous 24 hours or how much activity I’ve got under my belt. So no worries there, you’re not alone!

Also, when this happens to me, I just stick the rest of it (normally half, but I just eye-ball it) in the fridge, and now I have a pre-mixed serving for later in the day. It works out great, as long as I don’t forget! I’m still building my Huel habit, so I’ll attach my house keys to my bottle every time I stick it in the fridge at work… Otherwise I’ll be without it all weekend sometimes!

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I’m having the same issue and I’m a large gentleman. It takes me about 2-3 hours to finish one serving and by the time I’m done, I’m so full I feel like my stomach is going to burst. I would like to get two servings + dinner, but there is no way that would be possible.

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Personally, I would use water and leave the fruit out. Or just leave the fruit out. You’re adding a ton of mass to an already thick “shake”. I use 17oz of water per 100g.