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Hi all,

Got my order today. so I’ll go through the review in stages:

-Website was easy enough to navigate but could use some improvement. I found myself wondering if what I wanted was actually what I was ordering.
-Payment was quick and easy

Shipping and Alerts:
-Order was shipped the next business day and arrived on day 5; within the expected delivery time.
-All items were included in the order, shaker, T-Shirt of the right size, and all the food/flavor.
-Packing was nice and care was taken to ensure things didn’t get too messy.

Product Packaging:
-Reseal-able bags are strong and malleable.

The Product:
-Smelled the powder before doing anything else and it smells of vanilla pudding mix. (Vanilla Flavor Huel)
-Added three scoops to the shaker with the included scoop and mixed with 600 mL of water. After shaking rigorously, the first taste was fairly bland, as expected.
-Sandy texture as some have stated.
-Looks like runny cream of wheat.
-Smell like unscented/flavored oatmeal.
-Tastes sort of like uncooked cake mixture.
-Added the chocolate flavor pack (1 Teaspoon)
-The flavor did become chocolatey, but consistency remained unchanged (As expected)
-Placed the mixture in the fridge as several reviews indicate that doing so improves the texture.

Overall this far:
I am excited to taste it in a few hours when I am ready for dinner. It seems like it’s gonna be pretty bland, so I think I’ll buy some frozen fruit to mix into it. I’m also wondering if various flavors of yogurt would taste good in it. Might try it out. I intend to update the thread as I try new things and find my taste for it.

Seeking advice:
-What do you all mix in to improve the texture?
-The taste?
-How early do you make the shake before eating it?
-Has anyone tried microwaving it to get the desired consistency sooner?
-Is the shaker Microwave/Dishwasher safe?

Thanks all. Stay tuned.


My goto mix is:

4oz Cranberry juice
12oz water
Crystal lite lemonade packet (or classic orange)
62g HUEL (1/2 serving)

I drink it immediately. I like the grainy texture.

I also use a blender ball bottle (same type shaker but comes with a little metal spiral ball to help mix).

I’ve been using HUEL for breakfast/lunch and snacks inbetween and then a regular dinner and snack at night. I’ve never felt better! Going on my fifth week. Dropped 8lbs too (just a bonus as weight loss isn’t really my main goal).

Good luck on your journey!

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Update: First shake

I am really really struggling to enjoy this. I’m feeling pretty discouraged because now I’m worried that I’ll need to really alter the mix to get it to something I won’t mind drinking everyday. There’s a very strong oat taste and scent. I don;t mind oats but it feels sort of overpowering.

Here’s what I’ve tried and this far I am still unable to get through the shake:
-Added chocolate flavor system
-Chilled in the fridge for three and half hours
-Added strawberries
-Added Sugar
-Added Powdered Sugar
-Added more water
-Added cinnamon

The cinnamon has made it a but better but like I said, I’m getting concerned. Would love some advice. I think I liked it better before I chilled it. I dunno.

How are you trying to drink it?

Some people mention taking a sip at a time over an hour or so. I don’t think I could do that.

One thing I didn’t see in your list of things you tried is adding more water. Instead of [milk]shake or smoothie consistency, try thinning it out to something resembling yoohoo or rich chocolate milk. When you get to that point you can drink it down without much mouth feel so you spend less time thinking about flax seeds or whatever other bits of texture aren’t smooth enough in your smoothie.

If you can’t get enough water in the shaker for how much powder you’re using, try mixing two smaller portions. One good side effect of this is that you get a lot more water - which is pretty filling and we all need to drink more water anyway :slight_smile:


Chocolate is the best flavor additive. It works best when combining it with something else. I also recommend being generous with the chocolate flavor.

  • 3 scoops Vanilla Huel
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of Huel chocolate mix. (or if you can handle some sugar, substitute with 1 packet of hot cocoa mix, adds like 10 to 12 grams of sugar)
  • 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter OR 10 to 12 raw cashews
  • 500 ml of water. Don’t over-dilute. I find that 600 or more ml is too much.

Use a blender.

If you want immediately, add several ice cubes. If you want later, let it sit in frig or ice pack for several hours.


I too had this problem for a little while. Is it the oat you don’t like the most or something else? I prefer mine chilled overnight in the fridge. I add frozen fruit, no pineapple. Or I add cinnamon, or the chai hack has been amazing for me.

I also have unflavored which I was liking before I discovered the chai. But, that one definitely needed some monk fruit, or agave and fruit. Banana makes an excellent sweetener. I am not fond of sucralose or Stevia.

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I’m not aware of a common reference for that on this forum. Is it this?

@vossad01 My bad! That’s not it. I am referring to the YouTube video linked here Chai Huel Hack

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