Alternative to Snack Bags for Pre-Portioning Huel

Hey folks!
So, I know a lot of people like to portion out their huel ahead of time so they can just grab and go. Just in case it hadn’t occurred to you, I want to point out that 8oz/1 Cup mason jars work great. All the convenience and none of the waste of plastic bags!

I will point out, if you are buying them just for huel maybe try the regular mouth jars instead of the wide mouth ones. I had some of the wide mouth ones on hand and they are super easy to get the huel into, but I can say from experience that transferring the huel from the jar to my shaker is a little tricky since the mouth size is about the same as the shaker. If you are using a wide mouth jar maybe have a piece of paper on hand to use as a makeshift funnel.


I use these. Got them at Walmart for like 3 bucks. Holds 3 scoups and pours out easily!

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