Single Serving containers for travel

I take Huel to work for breakfast and lunch every day, and the biggest problem with it is that I have yet to find a good container into which I can put my daily Huel that’s also easy to dump into my shaker without making a mess.

I was wondering if anyone had found a good solution. I’ve been considering buying some of those silicon “zip-lock” style bags, I thought they might work, but before I spend a whole lot of money trying to find solutions, I figured I’d see if anyone had a good one.

Ultimately, I’d like something that meets all of the following criteria:

  • Works well on my kitchen scale for weighing out my meals.
  • Is flexible enough that pouring the huel into my shaker bottle can be done easily/quickly without mess.
  • Preferably is cheap enough so I can buy 10 of them and at the start of the week, just weigh out my meals for the week and then just grab a couple each morning on the way out the door.

So, anyone have any experiences that are working for you?

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I used to weigh my scoops out too but then realized the scoops are pretty accurate and you get pretty consistent after a while. For that reason I ditched all the pre-scooping and simply take the Huel bag with me to work. That’s just the experience that has been working for me.

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I use empty gelato containers. We are fans of Talenti, a gelato brand in most supermarkets. The containers are durable, have screw on lids, and will hold a 2 scoop Huel meal + flavorings. Plus, the fact that you get to eat the gelato first is just icing on the cake! I mean we all have to make sacrifices for the cause somewhere, right? :grinning: Getting Huel into the shaker without making a mess takes a little bit of practice, but if you angle the gelato lid over the shaker just right, it acts as a “guard rail” and is pretty effective. Personally, I only need 2 containers, which I refill every night for two meals at work the next day. And they fit perfectly on my kitchen scale. Give it a try!


Yeah, what I’ve been using are Chinese food hot-and-sour soup containers, and they work very well, too, but over time they weaken. I have to squeeze them a bit to make them narrow enough that stuff doesn’t spill while putting it in the shaker, and eventually they crack and I have to get more Chinese food.

And yes, I only have two as well, so I redo it every day, but every time I do it I think “My mornings could be a bit more efficient if I could do this one time each week.”

My wife loves Talenti, so maybe I’ll have to try those.

Half-pint mason jars people use for canning/jam?

I use these:

The 150cc containers fit 1 scoop each. Easy, and convenient. I just open one up and dump it into my bottle.

Bodrell: Great suggestion, I hadn’t seen these before. The 150cc ones are a little too small, I think, but they also make some other ones that are 250ccs that might work very well.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Small mason jars, or look in the food prep section at the store for small tupperware.

I just decided to take one bag to work and one to leave at home. I scoop right from the bag into my Huel cup and go at work. I used to measure out protein powder for shakes and bring it in ziplock baggies, but that’s more hassle than it’s worth and just too much waste using baggies.

You can always have like a mini scale at work. They are pretty cheap these days, just do what you do at home, at work. If that’s possible anyways.

@Liam1965 - I have the benefit of having a Huel drawer at work. I also have a few bags at Home. Other than that, as you can see in the photo, I sometimes use Sandwich size Ziploc bags if I need to take some with me.


Try formula stacker cups. We bought them with our first born and they’re a life saver. They even have a pour spout lid. I haven’t used them with my Huel yet as I still have a baby using them, so I’m not certain if one cup is big enough, but I bet there’s different sizes available too. Look it up!