Alternative Subscription / Meal Planning Model

I think with the introduction of H&S huel is now alluring to a different group of customers that have a different set of expectations for how meal delivery should work.

Coming from systems like blue apron / green chef / factor75 / trifecta. I’d like to see the subscription model let me plan which hot and savory or powder flavors to get for multiple future deliveries and for the default expectation of them to be somewhat random. Services like this usually let you add favorites or dislike specific recipes to increase or decrease the likelihood that meal is randomly selected in the future.

It should also go without saying that if I pick a specific H&S flavor for the current sub, it shouldn’t be sold out to someone else in the mean time. I’ve never had a BA or Factor meal I picked just not come because it sold out. This seems like a basic reservation problem for inventory allocated to subscibers that should be solvable in the POS.

It’s actually really odd huel seems to have no idea when inventory will come or go and there’s no way to account for it in my sub planning. Like chili is sold out today, but I would want it rotated back in to my selection if it became available before my ship date without checking the site every few days to do it myself.

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