Switch the taste every delivery

I tried huel coffee, it is fantastic so I decided to subscribe the package monthly. However, I’d want to explore other flavors. Is there a way I create a list, and you send me a random one each time?

Don’t think there is but you can manually go in and change them. Also check out the flavor boosters, yum!

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Hmm, it is then a bit difficult since I can’t remember when you are going to send me a new pack, so I will always forget until I receive the same flavor. I mean, I could write a script for changing it every month someday but it would be an overkill…

We have a subscription platform when you sign up with us and subscribe that will show your order history, upcoming subscriptions and current orders that have been processed as well. You can use this platform to edit flavors, pause or cancel your current subscription. Although, if you are wanting to try different flavors, we recommend that perhaps you issue one-time orders that won’t have you compromised subscribing to one set of flavors you may not want later on. I have personally messaged you to see if I can assist with anything in specific.

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If a script is too much, maybe a calendar reminder with a link to you’re Huel account to modify your order would work.

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They send email reminders already? You could always manually add this to your calendar…

Get a whiteboard
Dry erase markers
Dry eraser

I change often. I just do it when my shipment arrives. Huel in hand, Huel on my mind. Done.