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Here you have it kids
Powder: flavor = result

Vanilla: Vanilla extract + cinnamon powder = Horchata
Vanilla: Vanilla extract + Orange extract = 50/50 Bar
Chocolate: Cinnamon powder = delicious
Chocolate: Orange extract = delicious
Chocolate: Peppermint extract = Mint brownies
Chocolate: Sea-salt = Uh-mazing
Chocolate: Cinnamon powder + Sea-salt + Cayenne pepper = Mexican chocolate dream
Note: You can add sea-salt to any chocolate combo and it seems to enhance the flavor making it more rich&creamier (at least in my head :joy:)

Berry: tbd


Thanks for the share, Bryce! I’ll have to try some of these out😋

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Brooooo the cayenne though! I couldn’t figure out what I was missing - it’s the sea salt. I was getting a mouth “burn” but no flavor. Thanks!!


Thanks for the ideas

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Vanilla: Maple extract + cinnamon powder = Cinnamon Maple Bar

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Vanilla: 80g Huel + 350ml water + 265ml milk. Store overnight in fridge.
Vanilla: 100g Huel + 500ml water + 2x serving instant coffe + 1x serving caramel boost.
Vanilla: 127g Huel + 590ml water + 1.5x serving mocha flavor boost.
Vanilla: 100g Huel + 500ml Water + 0.5 serving Chocolate PB2.