Alcoholic Huel "drinks"?

So I’m thinking about having a Huel-themed party, which would ideally include alcohol mixed with Huel somehow. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make this work?

I had a “Moscow Huel” once as a joke but I can’t say that it was very good.

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Hey David! Check out some recipes here:

We don’t have any alcoholic based ones, but I think adding something like rum to any of the fruity hacks would work out great. Perhaps whiskey to some of the more chocolate-y ones. Try it out!

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Might I suggest a White Russian, huelified? Or you could go all out and attempt a Huel margarita. :dancer:

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Wait, I’m going to add onto this:

Try making a Hueltini with vanilla Huel, vanilla vodka, and creme de cacao. I’ve had this drink with a similar product before and it was quite tasty.


Huel mudslide with chocolate syrup and kahlua


Replace the piña colada mix with Huel in a banana monkey?

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+1 for the Huel Mudslide. That is great!

I’ve also done 1 scoop vanilla huel, 2 shots of vanilla moonshine. add to a shaker full of ice and shake. Pour into tonic to taste. :ok_hand: :+1:

I’ve used vodka and/or peppermint schnapps with Huel. No recipe, just as I’m in the mood. Mine end up like a White Russian / Mudslide / type thing.

I make Huel cubes that do well for frozen drinks, with or without alcohol. Mine are 50g of Huel and 16oz of water, I use a blender to mix, then it pour in ice cube tray. Those amounts are just what works for my fuel needs and my trays.

So you could take however many grams Huel you use, divided by how many cells in your tray, then know the nutrients of each cube, then how many cubes per drink.

Did I over analyse a good time?

How about getting Mike’s lemonades and mixing it with the berry one?

Do you have any trouble with Huel cubes sticking to your ice cube trays?

No I haven’t had any trouble with sticking. Are you? I’m using Kitch (yes, that’s how they spell it) Easy Release from Amazon. I mention it so you can see, they’re kind of just regular trays, I don’t think the tray would matter.

What about irish cream? i’d imagine it could mix well with vanilla, but it would be pretty weak so maybe a dessert drink?

That’s an interesting idea for sure. Sounds tasty. :yum:

One word: Huelchata - Regular Huel + Cinnamon Powder + Rumchata

® © lol xD


Huelchata. I’m obsessed with this idea.

I mean I’m just saying :joy: it has to be awesome. 🤷

How about making it like a hot chocolate so with hot water and add a shot of whiskey? Sounds like it could be a nice winter drink, not really for summer. I would probably go with pina colada’s but they’re usually quite calorific x

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I haven’t tried it yet, but adding peppermint schnapps to vanilla Huel with either chocolate syrup or chocolate liqueur seems like a good combination.

I had no idea that Huel would ever be a mixer.

Or make it like a spiked Mexican hot chocolate?