Mixing Huel powder with other liquids?

I just started trying the ready made Huel drinks, I’m considering switching to powder but I wondered if you can mix the powder in liquids other than water (such as milk or blended fruit juice). Has anyone tried this? What were the results?

The result is…Welcome to Flavor Town :wink::+1:

Check out the Recipes tab for some crazy ideas

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Some of my favorites are almond/banana milk and orange/mango juice - same shake, mix to your desired tastes

Using fresh fruit and veggies - blueberries, strawberries, spinach, peanut butter, an egg…

Some people like using coffee. Others energy drinks. I’ve used protein powder and creatine

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Huel white U/U can use a bit of sweetness, so apple juice goes (imo) really well… add some cinnamon = mmm.

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I am a big lover of using almond milk and oat milk so try both out!

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