Huel cravings have started

Started using Huel about six weeks ago and absolutely love it. My biggest struggle with diet has been cravings. It took longer than expected for my body to adjust to Huel, but as soon as I was able to do 4 servings a day the unhealthy cravings stopped. I’ve actually started to crave Huel when stressed or hungry. I prefer the vanilla and admit it took about 3 weeks to acquire the taste. My preferred consistency is at about 140 grams of powder with ice. I feel like I’ve finally found a product I can commit to long term. Thanks so much.


I am blown away by how much I like Huel. I have also had zero cravings for bad food and for me, that is pretty rare (and amazing!). I purposely do not mix the shakes with any fruit, since I feel like that will keep me in the habit of needing/wanting foods that taste extremely sweet. In the past I have had intense sugar cravings. I have been using the vanilla and I actually LOVED the taste right away. So pleasantly surprised. It tastes like the love child of oatmeal and yellow cake batter—that totally works for me even if that sounds super weird to others. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks. No cravings. Not stressed out thinking about meals, etc. Mostly I just use a shaker. Today I used the Vitamix just to experiment but I actually missed the tiny little crumbly bits.

2 added bonuses:

  1. The vegan aspect. I do care about animal welfare but when I tried to be vegan in the past, I never felt satiated and would crave lots of carby/sugary crappy food. I exercise a lot (run/hike/swim) and I feel great with Huel.

  2. I live in Los Angeles and I have never had any back up food in case of an earthquake—I am the worst grocery shopper/planner. I watched the video in which James Collier made a joke about Huel being Zombie Apocalypse food but all joking aside, the event of an earthquake is more likely here than a zombie attack. Nice to be prepared. :wink:


I’m in central Florida. Huel will also become my “hurricane food” this summer. Extra bags of Huel + extra bottles of smart water. Then I’ll just need the gas canisters filled up. Already got batteries and lights. My job has generator. I’m good to go.


Me too! I also have begun to crave huel and nothing else! It feels so good to have freedom from cravings, eat vegan and be a super human, what more could I want?!