Fighting anemia with Huel?

Hello. New here. And this is my 1st time trying Huel out. I’ve read the nutrients and benefits to using Huel and I couldn’t be more excited to eat healthy, get back into shape and much more!

My only real concern is about the iron. I’ve been looking through the forum for a while now and I’ve come across individuals who say the iron levels are too high for them. I however need a high content of iron as I’m anemic.

I was wondering if anyone else has had anemia and how they are doing with Huel only or with Huel and an iron supplement. Have you had any successful test results?

I am thinking of taking Huel with a Liquid iron supplement as well but nervous about the amount. I’m hoping the amount in Huel is enough as I plan on taking it daily. But the ratio I need to take makes me nervous I won’t be getting what I need to sustain a good amount of iron. According to the calorie counter I should be taking 997 - 1247. Would 4 scoops a day provide my daily iron intake? - (I do plan on adding other things to it to get those extra calories like bananas and almond milk) - would the amount of iron I get from just the Huel be enough or should I stick to the Huel and Iron supplement.

I am planning to schedule a doctors visit in about a month, and I will be clarifying with her what she thinks I should do. I am just looking for suggestions and what other people’s regimen and results are as far as anemia goes.

4 scoops of Huel (800 calories) would contain 14mg, or 78% of the daily recommended iron intake. Keep in mind that the daily recommended iron intake is based on a 2000 calorie diet, so if the calorie calculator puts your maintenance calories well below 2000, you might get all the iron you need from just 4 scoops. In any case, I would probably take a supplement to be sure.

Thanks, your comment was helpful! I think I will be taking it with a supplement for sure.

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I actually discussed this with my doctor today. I had anemia earlier this year, but all my recent blood tests show I am fine, but it is hard to feel fine when I have the blood rush out of my head if I bend over for a few seconds and stand up, even fairly slowly. I conducted a lot of trial and error to determine how to mitigate the issue, and for me, I take RAW Iron supplements. I am sure others will do ok too, but I specifically picked this one because the iron is non-heme, and it includes calcium, b-vitamins and folic acid for better absorbtion of the non-heme iron. From what I read, heme iron has the higher risks. If I take one of those per day, 22mg iron, I tend to feel fine and not get lightheaded much, if at all. This problem has plagued me for years and it was not until I figured out the iron issue that I got relief from that. My doctor is not really sure why I need more iron, but said it is fine to take it, but wants me to get regular blood tests. I kind of need those anyway, so I am good. One thing to note is that the iron in Huel would be non-heme too, so it is harder to absorb. If you have issues with deficiency, you may want to run that by your doctor.

Hi @Starlit

A valid concern that has come up before. We’ve actually addressed this issue in an article that’s live on the UK website; the article is not quite ready based on the US formula yet as we’re waiting on some lab results, but I’m hoping 2-3 weeks. However, much of the info in the article stands - you can view the article by clicking here and then on the flag at the top right and clicking ‘United Kingdom’. Don’t forget to click back to ‘United States’ when you’ve finished for next time you log on!