Adding salt to Huel Hot & Savory. Too much salt?

I tried Huel for the first time (Hot & Savory to be specific), I find that I feel like adding salt to it for it to be tasty.

Does this mean I am accustomed to having too much salt?

From what I’ve read in the forums from people braver than i…the h&s is rather tasteless. That’s the main reason I haven’t tried it yet. Waiting to see if an updated version gets released with the flavors balanced out.
Too much salt isn’t good, though. Stay hydrated. Try to ween away from.

I compared the sodium content of H&S to the ramen I had been eating…and I can safely say that I was used to WAY more salt. I’d say add a bit in the beginning and try to use less each time you have it (if you want to lower your sodium intake). I tend to notice the flavors of the other spices more when there is less salt.

Yeah, I mean the percent daily value of salt per serving is already 17%, despite how much my taste buds say it needs salt. I guess I’ve been eating too much salt!

Hey Joe! We have a thread that discusses awesome ideas for Hot and Savory if you’d like to get some additional flavor. See here! :raised_hands:

Sometimes it may just be as simple as figuring out what else you can add. Salt tends to be one of the first things that come to mind, but there are a ton of other ways to flavor food and add depth of flavor including herbs/spices.

I was excited to try when I got my first packet. I felt like it’s an unsatisfactory meal while eating you always feel like something is missing.
I tried Spicy Indian Curry and Mexican Chili both are not spicy or tasty enough to reduce your cravings

“you don’t like it but you can eat it”