First time drinking Huel, and salt cravings?

I tried the original banana Huel for the first time for my lunch at work today. And, while I enjoyed everything about it, I found myself ridiculously craving something savory or salty. Like, I felt relatively full after one serving, but I was craving some potato chips or some chicken all day. Maybe I just need to get used to not having so much salt in my diet and it’ll go away, but wondering if anyone else has had this experience? I know Huel makes a hot & savory variety but that’s out of my budget.

Most often I’m left insanely thirsty after my shakes, though I tend to add fruits and veg to most.
Try using more water in your shakes or drinking more agua in general.
I’ll add Himalayan salt to a shake if i know it will have an extra sweet profile.
Experiment. Enjoy.