Where have the Huel Bars gone?

Sorry if this was answered somewhere I was too silly to look, but I cant actually find information. I enjoyed the Huel Bars and havent seen them for sale on the website for some time, have they been discontinued?

Hi Shaun! We actually don’t have the bars in the US just quite yet. If you are a UK customer, make sure you are using uk.huel.com where you’ll see the bars. :grin::+1:


Oh that explains it, doh! Thank you!

[Holy thread resurrection, Batman!]

Even when Huel bars become available in the US, I probably won’t be buying them. I’ll stick with the powder formula. Here’s why:

  1. More water. I assume Huel bars will have a significant amount of fiber. I know that when I consume a high fiber product, I need to drink more water. Having my Huel already in diluted, liquid format ensures that I get enough water with it. I’ve had some cramping from Fiber-1 bars before.

  2. I can flavor it however I like.

  3. The Huel bars in the UK have 11 grams of sugar per bar. 3 scoops of powdered Huel has 1 gram.

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