Why does Huel Unflavored and Unsweetened have added sugar?

It says it has <0.5g of added sugar. I’d like to know why it’s labeled as ‘added’ when sugar isn’t listed on the ingredients. What is the actual amount, I recognize that it could be 0 since that is still less than 0.5.

I believe it’s for the same reason the label lists <0.5g trans fat. According to a representative, there actually isn’t any present in the product, but labeling regulations require them to list something on the package.

Dunno if I’d really buy that, but that’s what they claim.

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Hey @crito and @Pibblepunk !

In Unflavored and Unsweetened Huel powder, there is a small amount of added sugar per serving (2 scoops or 400 calories) due to the carriers we use.

For more on the carriers in Huel, see here.

It seems you are referencing Huel v3.0 powder specifically and you can also view the amount of added sugar per 2000 calories here. You will see that there is 1 gram of added sugar per 2000 calories of Unsweetened and Unflavored Huel v3.0 powder.

Hope this helps - let me know! :slight_smile: