A one - Day one!

Got my box today and I wanted to share my first day here rather than on my bloggy post.

Dude, this stuff is awesome. Box came with two pouches (vanilla - sweetened), grey shirt, a (broken but it’s okay) scoop and TWO shakers! WINNER!

Initial taste: 300 ml cold(ish) water, 50g weighed out. = taste: oatmeal with brown sugar and too much milk.
Second shake: Same as above + cinnamon (like… two shakes of the can) and refrigerated for ~3 hours = taste: Cinnamon Life cereal

My third and fourth shakes will be the same as the first. So far - no nasty farts, but truth be told lol I’m a gassy mf’er as is. I blame the sheer amount of grease and protein I normally eat. Be interesting to see if Huel reverses that. I’m sure my wife would be incredibly thankful xD

The consistency for me was thin, but I made the third shake (currently in fridge) with less water + ice chips. The fourth will depend on how the third comes out.

I will say I’m glad I keep gum on me. Not for the taste lol, but because post shake, it’s like I just ate a ton of strawberries or some other tiny seeded fruit. It takes a few minutes to get the (I’m assuming) flax seed grounds out of your gum line. But I wouldn’t change it, not for that.

So far - this stuff is great. I was terrified it’d be gross. It’s not. I was praying the texture would not be heinous. It’s not.

I can’t thank those who went before me for all the tips on weighing out, water and other helpful additions. I’m sure that’s what made the difference for me! :smiley:



Unfortunately, it definitely has given me the farts lol. Glad to read you are enjoying it as well.


:joy::joy::joy: I’d be staring down the barrel of at minimum sleeping on the couch if it made me any more gassy. I think it’ll reverse me though. Fingers crossed.

Lol I’ve been sleeping in the spare room after I cleared out the living room the other night. Not just because of the gas though.


Nice to see someone else starting out at about the same time as me! I got my order yesterday.

Made my shake for this morning based on the 5:1 ration recommendation. Left in the fridge overnight. First impressions… to be honest, the texture was just the right thickness to trigger my gag reflex, so I had to water it down stuff, but definitely doesn’t taste bad. I’m hoping that I’ll adjust to the grittiness of the seeds.

I keep telling myself that it’s FOOD, not just a silky protein shake, and that it’s VEGAN and HEALTHY and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and CONVENIENT. Mind over matter and fingers crossed!


I’ve never tried storing it over night. I’m sorry to hear that was your first impression lol.


Ha damn, I’m sorry too! I don’t have a gag reflex so I’m lucky on that end.

My issue lies with I miss McDonalds…and pizza. :sob::sob:

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I understand! I’m definitely feeling the urge for something savory, but I’m hoping that keeping a solid-food dinner routine will help with that.

Update on the texture… yikes. Gonna try making it fresh tomorrow because it was a STRUGGLE getting overnight-prepped lunch serving down.


Amazon has the “Twist Lock” by Ziplock small containers - I think like $8 for 9 and $4 for 6 or so. Each one should hold at least three scoops. You could essentially meal prep the night before all your dry parts (the scoops and whatever addition i.e. cinnamon) then blend with ice in the morning or just take it all with you. IDK if you have a Sonic Drive in near you, but they’ve got the BEST ice lol. I run through there and grab a large ice water when I’m out “patrolling” and mix a shake in the work car.

Huel for thought :joy:


Ugh perfect!! I love that idea. I work at an event venue and we actually have an awesome crushed ice machine, so that should work fine.

Nice pun :stuck_out_tongue:

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*Writes down “Huel for thought” on our idea board :wink:


lol that’s good for like… a free bag right… right? :laughing:


Sonic ice is the best