A more nutritious alternative to pancakes?

Has anyone tried making pancake batter with Huel?
I just made a savoury pancake mix with 2 eggs and 2 tbsp unflavoured/unsweetened Huel, then added milk until it was the consistency of pancake batter. Sprayed a frying pan with coconut oil spray, let it heat a few minutes each side and it worked like a charm! Perhaps a more nutritious alternative to flour?
I’m going to play with adding some salt or flavouring, or try a sweet pancake with the vanilla Huel next time…

If anyone tries an interesting pancake recipe, let me know!

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Very nice. I had thought about Huel pancakes one time but didn’t get around to making them. Yeah, I imagine your pancakes would be better than pure wheat flour pancakes. I wonder if stirring in some fresh or thawed frozen blueberries would be good for the pancakes.

I did cookie and muffin Huel formulas that I partly ripped off from a vlogger on YouTube who used rolled oats. I subbed her oats with the Huel and took it from there, with minor modifications.

Did you notice that you had to cook your pancakes longer than normal pancakes? With my stuff I had to bake longer than usual.

Look at you getting all creative with your Huel! Yes, Huel can actually be used to replace flour in recipes, how cool is that?! Huel has been used to make pancakes, waffles, brownies, pizza crust, and more!