A Bit More Rambling From Another New Hueler, This Time With ADHD

Hello all!

I’ve been using Huel to some extent for 6 or 7 weeks now, and have been using both the powder and RTD extensively (replacing about half my meals over an entire week and 2/3 of them over the work week) for the past few weeks. Like most of us, I’ve had the farts (which are mostly gone now) but also feel so much better than I did before. I have more, and steadier energy, and Huel is filling enough that I’m starting to lose weight (finally!).

What I didn’t expect, however, was that I could focus better than I could before.

Now, I have untreated ADHD. It used to be treated with stimulants, as the side effects of non-stimulant meds were just too much for me. However, my doctor and I learned that, aside from hypertension, I have a genetic heart issue that is particularly sensitive to blood pressure issues, and he advised me to stop taking the stimulants.

[An aside: the issue wasn’t theoretical; it showed up after I went for my first-ever ambulance ride after pulling off the highway, as extreme light-headedness washed over me while driving down I-95 at 80mph.]

Anyway, I’ve been off meds for several years now and man, it’s tough.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself with both more energy and more ability to focus. Holy crap. What the heck was I eating (or not eating) that was aggravating my ADHD?

So I’m extra-impressed. Huel is becoming rather life-changing for me.

Thank you!


Wow, @Markus. This is incredible. I’m thrilled that Huel has been so life changing for you. Thanks for sharing!


My thanks to you folks at Huel! I never, ever considered how much my diet would effect my ADHD. My eyes have been opened.


Had the same experience with my ADHD and huel. It’s great!